The church today


Nowadays the church complex of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God is transforming rapidly. Different amenities are being installed on the territory around the church.

The gravestones of the remaining graves were restored.

The yard near the church is decorated with flowers and paved with coloured paving stones.

A spacious, brightly coloured life-saving boat and a real bathyscaphe allow boys to feel like fearless seamen.

Parishioners work hard to build a small parish house, which is so necessary for the normal life of the parish.

Vigorous renovation works take place within the church itself. It has been one of the first churches in Latvia where golden crosses and cupolas have shined. At nighttime the church is illuminated.

“The best is given to God”

In all times souls touched by the divine grace long to give what is best to God. And now, by joint efforts of sponsors, parishioners, pilgrims and the rector this holy place is beginning to be a heavenly oasis in our earthly life.

The Jelgava Society of Russian Culture and a local tourist agency are working on a exhibition dedicated to the history and present days of the orthodox churches of Latvia. Local tourist guides and regional ethnographers have tried to find documents belonging to the pre-war life of the church, but without success.

In January 2005, at the time of the feast of Epiphany, thanks to cooperation of Jelgava guides and ethnographers, the Herder Institute Marburg sent three unique photographs of the Church of the Dormition. One of them is a photograph of the first chapel, which was the beginning of the history of this church. This photograph is considered one of the earliest pictures of the first chapel…

An exhibition of photographs and an album dedicated to the history and present life of the church are being prepared at the parishioner’s initiative.

The church of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God is a living monument to many bygone generations. It is living because the natural coolness of church’s stones is warmed by heart-felt prayers, light of the vigil lamps and faith that all live unto God (Luke 20:38). Love and memory are stronger than oblivion, stronger than death…

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